What is a compound miter saw?

Compound Miter Saw; The best for precise cutting
There is no better or widely used saw as miter saws. They are the most popular power tools you can find in any hardware stores today. Well, most people prefer them for their portability, convenience, wide range of capacities, and overall accuracy; however, considering their wide availability in that they can be easily found almost in every hardware shop and garage. You will definitely fall in love with this tool. These saws are particularly designed to effectively and accurately make crosscuts into any workpiece that is going to be used in general framing or molding.

Advantages of miter saws

Most miter saws will provide you precise workpiece cuttings since they are incorporated with a miter index. This index allows you to modify the angle of your cuttings allowing you more variations into your workpiece. Other than that, these miter saws have capacities which enable them to perform quick and accurate stops at most common angles like 450, 150 and 300 degrees. Similarly, all miter saws come with good miter fence that is effective in ensuring the best accuracy when it comes to cutting. These left and right fences are very helpful when it comes to perpendicular cutting. You will see most miter saw reviews from contented users since are the most superior power tools you can ever lay your hands on. They are very durable and come with precise accuracy that renders them indispensable for any woodworker.

Types of Miter saws

We have several types of miter saws available in the market today. You will easily find the standard miter, the compound miter, the sliding miter as well as the compound sliding miter. They all have varied features that enable each and every one to perform a specific task to its best. The standard miter saw contains a blade pivot from right to the left and is effective in cutting miters. The compound miter saws however are tending to overtake the standard miter saws since they have more features and their price is just a little bit more expensive than the standard saw. The compound miter saw reviews are just positive ones and appreciative. These saws have the capabilities to bevel cut, that is, tip the blade to either the left or right while some can bevel it to both the right and left sides. This allows the carpenter to bevel and miter within the same cut. For the sliding miter saw, it is not very different from the compound miter saw only that it has extension rods that make the blade and the motor move forward and backwards. This assists in increasing the capacity of the blade cut enabling the cut to be longer than the diameter of the blade. The other type of miter saw, the sliding compound miter, is a bit complex in that it contains a depth cut setting used in cutting dadoes into materials of varied depths. They also have bigger capacities and more features which makes them a bit expensive than other miter saws. 


It is very important for any woodworker to maintain the miter saw in top form condition so as the saw can provide him with top notch and most effective services. Always ensure your saw is clean and that no dust particles are on the blade or the miter saw table. This way you can enjoy the most precise cut from these very reliable miter saws.


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